THE  FAIR is our school’s largest fundraiser AND a great community event.  But it can only be successful with the help of our parents.  Please say YES when you are asked to help!  Your help is CRUCIAL to making the fair a success!  THANK YOU!

GAMES  Each class is responsible for staffing one game at THE FAIR.  Sign up below for a 30-minute shift!  And, rememeber to sign up early to get the spot you want!!

Sign-up to work your Class Game in Sign-Up to Help section!

Class Assignments:
Kindergarten: KW - Duck Pond, KM - Lollipop Pull, KK - Drake Toss
Grade 1: 1B - Ping Pong Splash, 1C - Plinko, 1P - Tic Tac Toss
Grade 2: 2B - Roll Away, 2D - Hole in One, 2R - Catapult
Grade 3: 3O - Football Toss, 3A - Hockey, 3L - Shooting Gallery
Grade 4: 4He, 4Ha - Sand Art
Grade 5: 5F, 5L & 5R - Inflatables
Grade 6: 6M & 6W - Dunk Tank