TICKETS are needed for GAMES, ACTIVITIES, INFLATABLES, & FOOD. You have the option to also purchase an ALL-DAY WRISTBAND for unlimited turns on the 4 Inflatables (Moon Bounce, Giant Obstacle Course, Giant Double Lane Slide, and Connect-a-Shot Basketball) and turns at the Dunk Tank.

PLEASE NOTE that when you play games, you win PRIZE TICKETS redeemable at the prize table!   

*Please note that credit cards will be accepted at the fair for general ticket sales, basket raffle tickets, color day clothes, and plant sale purchases! We accept Visa, MC, Amex, and Discover. Cash will still be accepted for these purchases as well.**

HOW MANY TICKETS will you need*?

  • Fair/Class Games are 2 tickets each
  • Inflatables are 4 tickets each (or you can use your all-day wristband)
  • Face Painting is 5 tickets
  • Sand Art is 5-7 tickets
  • Color Hair Spray is 2 tickets
  • Food Items are 2-7 tickets each (prices subject to change)

*All ticket prices subject to change.

HOW MUCH are Tickets?


  • Game/Activity/Inflatables/Food Tickets - 2/$1 (Pack of 20/$10)
  • Wristband-Unlimited Inflatables+Dunk Tank (optional) - $15 ea

 ADVANCE SALE:                                                       

  • Game/Activity/Infltables/Food Tickets - 3/$1 (Pack of 30/$10)
  • Wristband-Unlimited Inflatables+Dunk Tank (optional) - $12 ea

HOW DO I purchase Tickets? (**Please note that we are not taking paper orders this year.**)

  • Advance Option 1: Purchase ON-LINE through PayPal until Wed. May 16
  • Advance Option 2: Purchase in person at Lip Sync Show, Friday, May 18 7-8 pm
  • Day of THE FAIR: Visit any Ticket Booth at the Fair; Credit Cards and Cash Accepted!